I believe that children are born with a built-in radar to chocolate!

Admittedly at the start of my pregnancy with TJ I am sure I consumed lots of chocolate and other sweet things, but as I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 30 weeks from then on no sweet things passed my lips. (That was so hard, especially as I had to get through Easter, but I certainly made up for it this year!)

Yet somehow when we first offered TJ some chocolate just a couple of weeks ago (I didn’t quite make it to the year that I wanted) she opened her mouth and accepted this brown stuff that she had never been offered before. This is the child that refuses anything on a spoon unless she is using it and refused a new dummy being put in her mouth as she didn’t know what it was!

So from this I have to conclude that children automatically know what chocolate looks like & smells like! I’m sure I’m not the only parent to have made this discovery!


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