AJ’s Birth Story

AJ’s Birth Story

My eldest AJ will turn 8 tomorrow (I am starting to feel old!), so was reflecting on her birth and how different it was to my last. I thought it may be good for me to write her birth story to remind myself that things are not all bad!

We had talked about having children for a few years, but we were never quite ready, in 2002 we decided the time was right and were quite lucky that we got pregnant fairly easy, maybe within a few months. So September 2002 I found out I was pregnant due 18th May 2003. The first months were hard with feeling ill and tired, working full-time and travelling to Leeds everyday probably did not help. Life however was fairly easy (in hindsight!) no other children to worry about and being able to stay in bed on a weekend was great!

The pregnancy went without a hitch, just normal routine low risk pregnancy, I don’t think I overly enjoyed being pregnant and just wanted to meet the baby. I was convinced I was having a boy and the ‘bump’ had been named ‘Bob’. The only thing I was told was not to expect a large baby, probably about 7lbish.

We went to a couple of antenatal sessions, where we were told about pain relief, breastfeeding and what to expect when you went into labour.

Sunday 11th May 2003 we spent half the day gardening, planting bedding plants, I had wanted to get the garden looking nice before the baby came. I remember going to bed that night and said to NJ I just wish I could go to bed and wake up and the baby be here, I was starting to feel really fed up!

At about 3.00am I woke up with really bad stomach cramps (or so I thought) and after several trips to the loo I woke NJ up and said I think its started, we rang the maternity ward and they asked if I felt like I needed pain relief, which I didn’t think I did at the time, so they told me to stay at home and see how things went. NJ said right I going back to bed then! I think I tried to get some more sleep but at 4.00 I woke him back up and said I think we are going to need to go. I rang the hospital back and they told me to come in. Their tone of voice told me that they thought I was being over anxious and I would be fine for a while yet.

All the books and advice you are given is that first labours are usually quite long, so I thought that would be applying to me. Even though the hospital bag was sort of packed we still needed to put a few more things in the bag, camera and some other bits. Whilst I was sorting this out I was having to stop every few minutes for NJ to rub my back as the pain was getting really intense. I decided then that I needed to have an epidural (something I was really against) as I felt I couldn’t take much more pain. One thing that NJ never lets me forget is that I was bent over a chair texting my family & friends to say I had gone into labour, so to expect a text later that day.

Just before we left I went to the loo and I was bleeding, which sent me into panic mode, rang the hospital and they said not to worry just come straight in. We left the house about 5.30am, the hospital was about 20mins away, I was in the back of the car as I couldn’t sit still.

We got to the hospital about 5.50am, we went straight in and someone asked if we wanted a wheelchair, which I didn’t I just wanted to get to the ward, apparently I started going upstairs when I should have been going down, NJ was having to run to keep up with me! I was greeted by my community midwife who was doing her annual 2 week stint at the hospital which was great as I knew her and felt comfortable with her. They knew I wasn’t far off so I went straight to the labour ward.

The midwife examine me and I was fully dilated! No wonder I was in so much pain! She broke my waters and I was ready to push, apparently she was rushing round trying to get everything ready. With just a couple of pushes the baby was born, I had only been in hospital about 10 minutes! We had a girl, a bit of a shock, but baby AJ was now part of our family weighing a very small 5lb 3oz. We were both very happy, even though the birth was very quick I have very fond memories of her entry into this world. I just wish all births could be as nice!

So from start to finish it was a very short 3 hour labour, I was in shock but really pleased and so excited that I had a little girl.

Maybe tommorrow I will blog about AJ growing up, she is suddenly seeming so grown up and no longer the little baby girl she once was.


2 thoughts on “AJ’s Birth Story

  1. 3 hours, I should have been so lucky!
    Its amazing how fast the years go by, I look at mine in amazement quite often, not beliving they’ve got so big!

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