Spreading the Word

Spreading the Word

I have been reminded today that I should highlight / introduce some blogs that are part of a comment group set up by British Mummy Bloggers. For me the others in my group are: Domestic Goddesque, Hello its Gemmas Blog, In a Bun Dance, JoJo’s So-Called Life, Lion Taming at Number 32 and Little Red Buttons. All the blogs are really interesting and all different, I really recommend you stop by and have a read. I am unfortunately guilty in that I am struggling to keep up with all the above blogs on a daily basis. I really don’t know how some people manage to juggle work, blogging, running a house and looking after children. I am just about managing to write a blog once in a while, look after the children and in a fashion look after the house!

Blogging is such a great thing, a way to share and reflect on life and things that might be happening, or like some show people how to make / create things. I have found it quite therapeutic and have been pleasantly surprised by comments that I have received. I also like the way that a community can be created and you can find like-minded people out there that are sharing similar experiences or can empathise with what you might be going through.

So this post is to say hello to my fellow comments group, you are great set of people, and also to say sorry for not commenting, I will get myself sorted soon!


2 thoughts on “Spreading the Word

  1. Hello there. Don’t worry, blogging and everything that goes with it, should be fun and nothing to get stressed about.
    PS I don’t do much of the running a house stuff.

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