Making Friends

Making Friends

FJ is 4 and he makes friends so easily, AJ is almost 8 and also seems to be friends with all the girls in her class, changing daily who she plays with. TJ although still too young to make friends (10 months) she always smiles at other babies and children so I am sure she will have no problems.

So why as we get older do we struggle to make friends and connections with people we see on a daily basis on the school run? We seem as we get older to start questioning people and whether they are suitable ‘friend’ material. I can’t remember much at school but always wanted to be friends with the ‘in’ crowd, but sadly I wasn’t. Although maybe this was a good thing, I had great friends at school, some of who I remain in contact with today. Friendship is such a complex thing, or maybe I have made it a complex thing, wanting to have friendships but then not wanting people to ‘need’ me too much as I might not be able to continue the support.

I have lived in this area for almost 5 years and in that time I have made very few real friends, I think that possibly says more about me than anyone else, I’m not very good at striking up conversations, worried what people might think of want me to not be poking my nose in.

I have today though been for a coffee with someone who has a little girl in FJ’s year and a little boy a few weeks younger than TJ. We had a lovely morning with the older 2 playing and we talked about different things and then somehow the conversation got onto PND and I discover that she too has suffered with her first and still continues to have little ‘blips’ even now, I have also been told that the girl I was chatting too yesterday is also suffering from PND. I just hope now that maybe the 3 of us can support each other and maybe offer support to anyone else that may need that extra support.

So in the space of a day I have gained (I think & hope) 2 new friends that I think will aid in my recovery but also give my younger 2 someone to play with.


4 thoughts on “Making Friends

  1. It is hard to make real friends, isn’t it?
    I think perhaps we shouldn’t get too hung up on the length and quality of the friendship, just that you can help each other for now. And I hope you’ve got good cake to go with the coffee.

  2. Some people have children and suddenly meet lots of mums and make lots of new friends. That didn’t happend to me, I met lots of nice people but no one I particularly ‘clicked’ with. I think friendship can feel a bit complex unless you ‘click’ with someone or once you’ve been friends with someone for a while, it kinds of comes together and feels easy not complicated.
    Sounds like you may have found people you clicked with. Great reading this and proud myself post – things are obviously coming together for you X

  3. mrsshortiesmind is a very good friend of mine and has been for 16 years. I don’t think I tell her enough how wonderful I think she is so I wanted to take this opportunity to do just that. Other friends have come and gone but not mrsshortiesmind! I’m so proud of her writing how she feels and know that one day she’ll look back on this and feel proud of herself.

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