Want the world to stop.

Want the world to stop.

Ever feel like you want the world to stop? Well I do, just for a couple of days, I would like the world to stop and let me get off!!

I feel like it has been none stop for the last couple of weeks, not sure if this is the PND or just the normal way for a mum of 3.

It’s the school holidays and the kids have been as ratty as me, although I’m sure I fuel their bad behaviour when I’m not so good.

They are playing nicely at the moment making pictures together with their Hama Beads, and baby is rolling about the floor fascinated by an empty biscuit packet. I wonder how long this peace will last? By the change in tone from the table not long!


2 thoughts on “Want the world to stop.

  1. Wanting everythng to stop is normal promise. Soemtimes everything gets just too much. Whenthat hapens to me I organise time for myself. Get kids with mother/mother in law. Have a few hours off and then I am back again with a bit of a bounce. Obviously sometimes you need more than that. Try to get a regular fix and talk to yuor family and extended family about it so they can help. 3 beautiful children is a lot to juggle esp when you are not well.
    Try to get out everyday for a walk with your baby, it will do her good to be in the fresh air and it will make you feel better too. I walk the dog now my kids are at school.
    If you can nap with your baby or at least stop doing anything while she is asleep so you can rest too. After a while you won’t need to rest as much but schedule it in as it will help you to get better.
    Be kind to yourself and don’t worry about the housework etc.
    Do eat properly, as this will stop you going up and down with food and having sugar trushes then craving something to keep you going. It was the biggest lesson I had to learn.
    Take care

    1. Thanks Tattie for your comments, I did manage to get some me time (well time away from the older 2) whilst the baby slept, and it felt great! I walk up to school 2/3 times a day depending on if my son is at playgroup or not, but when the weather gets better I will try and make myself get out more!

      Eating properly is something i’m not so good on, I keep eating rubbish during the day, so will try and curb my sweet cravings and go for the healthy options of apples!

      Thanks again.

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