Silly Anxiety!!

Silly Anxiety!!

I was all ready for a pleasant day today as the kids seemed like they were in a good mood, and my little boy had even got dressed with no arguments!! However things did not go as planned…

The older 2 wanted to play on the Wii on Mario Kart, which I wasn’t too keen on as I’m not sure how the game works and was sure there would be arguments. Anyhow I tried to set it up and it just wasn’t doing what I wanted to do, I could feel my anxiety and stress levels rising which is stupid when all I am doing is sorting out a computer game for the kids! I ended up letting the older one sort it out and they then proceeded to play nicely. unfortunately the baby had not read her part of the plan and just would not go down for a sleep, which also did nothing for my stress levels. Eventually I gave in and took them all out for a walk – baby had a sleep and the older 2 got some fresh air and a run about.

The afternoon did not fare any better, the older 2 were fine as they went outside and played in the garden, ending up covered in mud but had a great time. I on the other hand did not, the baby was not wanting to go down for a nap, she eventually had 20 mins mid afternoon, but then screamed and would not go back down.

So it is now evening all the kids are finally in bed and my anxiety is not great, I am feeling really edgy and don’t want to interact with anyone. Have not had anything to eat this evening, so will probably end up with some toast or something else equally exciting!

I am seeing my CPN tomorrow so can tell her all about my week and how things have gone, I hope she has spoken to the psychiatrist about my medication. It seems stupid that she contacted him several weeks ago and there has still not been any response.

 Hope I manage to get a bit of a lie in tomorrow.


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