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So its been a couple of weeks since I last joined in, or even read anyone’s post, so apologies to all who are taking part. Things have been pretty hectic and I was starting to crumble a bit. Anyhow as this is supposed to be about getting going and things for ‘me’ I shall leave the struggles for another post.

The last few weeks are a bit of a blur with building, birthdays and parties! But I did manage to get out for a coffee with a friend without any children. We chose to sit in the comfy seats and allowed ourselves to have some cake, we even had a second cup of coffee! IT was great really relaxing and I must make sure we find time to do it again soon. It’s so¬†easy to forget that the simple things like a coffee out of the house can be so relaxing and refreshing to the mind!

I have also managed to have a girly night in with a couple of friends, a pizza and some wine. The plan was to have a chat, watch a girly film and do our nails, although it kind of happened we were so busy chatting the film didn’t go on till late (Dirty Dancing!) and the nails were done in a rush, then the men arrived back and it was the end of the night. Even though we didn’t manage to watch the film (i think we probably all knew the words off by heart anyway!) we still had a lovely relaxing evening, and hope that we will manage to do the same again soon.

I’ve also managed a night in with a takeaway and friends, it was great, we all have a good laugh – my cheeks were actually aching I had laughed that much! I can’t remember most of what we were laughing about, I just know that we had a good time.

So for me getting into my ‘groove’ I have been socialising more, okay it is with just a select few friends, but its been great and starting to make me feel more like ‘me’ and not just a mummy.

So if you haven’t already taken part, why not pop over to Kate on Thin Ice and see what Grooving Mums is all about.

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