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It has been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged and at the moment I just can’t seem to find the time and head space to so all the writing that I want to do.

Its Fj’s 5th birthday on Thursday and he’s having a party on the Sunday (25 children, what was I thinking?) so I am trying to sort out his birthday, the party, Christmas presents and trying to get involved with The Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation and I feel like I am failing miserably with everything.

I want to be blogging, I want to keep up with Grooving Tuesday, I didn’t manage last week and this week is almost up and it’s not looking hopeful! I need to blog about the ‘Call for Action’ petition, and I have lots of reviews that I need to write. I also have a couple of other blogs in my mind that I want to do but I can’t get my head round the words.

The house is a mess, and soon to be worse as the garage / store-room is going to become a playroom, but the ‘things’ in there need to have new homes. We have friends coming round this evening and I should be cleaning, but am sat at the computer! I would like a magic wand to get the house spotless (I can dream).

If anyone reading this has some words of wisdom in how to manage my messed up head so I can blog and also actually read other blogs I would be very grateful!

So I haven’t disappeared completely (if anyone noticed the silence?) I am just struggling to get the words down and switch off from other things in my head.

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